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Passport Agents in Kochi

It is mandatory to have a passport if you are travelling overseas. Passport acts as a proof of self-identity and authenticates an individual's citizenship of a country. But acquiring a passport from a local passport office is a cumbersome and time taking process. Both time and energy gets wasted when applying or renewing a passport directly from a passport office. To make things smoother many travel companies as well as passport agents’ work as a third party between the applicant and passport office, however, they work with an additional fee. Kochi has a number of such travel houses and passport agents that makes availing passport from the passport office easier and fast. These agents charge nominal fees to get the entire submission of application, collection of documents required for verification and delivering of passports to respective applicants' houses. However, if one is willing to do the entire job by himself, can do so by directly visiting the passport office in Kochi located at Panampilly Nagar.

Passport agents in Kochi

For those looking for a reliable passport agent, here’s a list of all those travel and tourism firms and passport agents in Kochi:

Pricol Travel Ltd
2nd Floor, Mathewson Trade Centre
Near JNI stadium Kaloor-Cochin road
Kochi - 682017
Phone no.: 9895280834, 9895337550, 484 4046464, 4047676, 4047272

Dove Holidays Pvt Ltd
No.37/479a, Indeevaram, Near fridge house
Kadavanthara, Mangattu Lane
Kaloor Kadavanthara Road
Kochi - 682020
Phone no.: 484 2203399, 2203799, 484 2203699

Inspire Solutions
Kalyani Towers, 3rd Floor
Deshabhimani Junction
Kochi - 682017
Phone no.: 9846097777, 484 6002827

Royal Indian Holidays
Chandrika Building, 2nd Floor
M G Road
Kochi - 682011
Phone no.: 9447079018, 9447079094, 484 2367720, 2381760, 2370060

Regional Passport Office
Regional Passport Office Building
Panampilly Nagar
Kochi - 682036
Phone no.: 484 2310600, 2315152
Website .:

Thomas Cook India Ltd (Travel Division)
G 72, Ground Floor, Lulu Mall
Kochi - 682024
Phone no.: 484 2728010

Blue Land India in Kochi
Regd. Office: No: 34/634, Mathoories Fathima Complex
Koonamthai Junction, Edappally
Kochi - 682024

Airtravel Enterprises India Ltd
#26/205, Iifri & Kareem Building
Marar Road, Willington Island
Kochi – 682003
Phone no.: 0484 2668837

MIG Housing Society, Door No.27/543-B
Panampilly Avenue
Kochi - 682036
Phone no.: 0484 3911320

Ivory Holidays
#698, St. George Building
Near Cochin International Airport
1st Floor, Cochin City
Kochi - 683589
Phone no.: 0484 2611432, 9747549455

Stic Travels
Sriniket Building, 2nd Floor
Old Thevera Road, Perumannur
Kochi - 682016
Phone no.: 0484 2367475, 0484 2367476, 0484 2367477

JTB Travels P Ltd in Kochi
Oss Road Ekm, Cochin M G Road
Willingdon Island
Kochi – 682004
Phone no.: 0484 2350544

Sita Travel Agency
M G Road, Cochin M G Road
Willingdon Island
Kochi – 682004
Phone no.: 0484 2350614

Grid Lock Travels India P Ltd
Tharakan Building, M G Road
Cochin M G Road, Willingdon Island
Kochi – 682004
Phone no.: 0484 3018382

Arabian Tours & Travels
Cochin M G Road, Ravipuram
Kochi – 682015
Phone no.: 0484 2359036

International Travel Services
J'alfia Building, Kaloor, Lissie Junction
Aroor-Thoppumpady Rd
Kochi – 682005
Phone no.: 0484 3241297

Alfa Travels & Auto Consultant in Kochi
Hajiyar building, Opp.Apollo Tyres
Near BPC Pump
North Kalamassery
Kochi – 683104
Phone no.: 09447054010

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